5 Patterns in Systems
ponderings on language, lists, links, lifecyles and processors

5 Patterns in Design
primer on approaching design

5 Methods of Design
processes involved in interaction and industrial design

Mobile Design
constraints, concepts and frameworks

Sampler's Spiral
exploring idea iteration through the lens of the sampler


Seme | Stack | Space
an attempt to break down the layers of applications

Choosing Software Tools
framing tool choice as a design problem

formalizing Verplank's "do/feel/know" analysis

A SIMPLER Architecture
increasing the resolution of MVC


Meaningful Metaphors
transporting experience through the vehicles of cooking, architecture and music

Something to LATCH Onto
digitizing Wurman's approach to information organization


Musical Phases
studying the stages of synthesis

Musical Visuals
moving beyond the flatlands of histograms and spectograms

Musical Gestures
exploring music's "tonally moving forms"

Synthesizing on Synths
where do synths go from here?